WC and urinal actuation accessories


WC and urinal actuation accessories

Viega components for WC and urinal flush distinguish themselves by their high quality production and reliable materials. The design impresses with elegance and straight lines and can be integrated harmoniously into any bathroom.

Conversion to flush stop function is possible. For further information please contact support@viega.com.au

Conversion of the concealed cistern 1H, 1L and 1C to the flush plate series Visign for Style and Visign for More is possible using the appropriate conversion kit (see group T7).

Viega-​Concealed-​Cistern history:

From model series 07/2007 concealed cistern 2H, 2L, 1F

All sizes are in millimetres.

Long-​term availability guarantee.
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WC and urinal actuation accessories