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RAF St. Athan


When Ministry of Defence (MOD) St Athan needed to replace corroded pipework for heating and hot water, contractor Paul Hargest required a solution that would be simple to install, in order to reduce time spent on site. As such, Viega’s easy to use Megapress press connection system was specified.

Home to the University of Wales Air Squadron as well as the No.4 School of Technical Training, MOD St Athan is a large Ministry of Defence site in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, which provides training to RAF’s non-aircraft, ground engineering technicians as well as Services and MOD civilian staff.

Due to the age of the pipework, the system had become corroded and was in need of replacement. After hearing his team speak highly of Viega’s Megapress press connection system, Paul Hargest, Contracts Manager for Control & Service Technology Ltd. specified Viega Megapress in 3 inch and 21/2 inch sizes to connect elbows, unions and tees.

The high quality engineered press connections provided significant advantages in terms of durability and consistency of the connection as well as speed of installation.

“We needed a system that was quick to install so that normal activity on the site could resume as soon as possible - as such we picked the Megapress system,” Paul commented. “The product is extremely reliable due to its unique SC Contur system which allowed us to easily identify any inadvertently unpressed areas, meaning we could avoid leaks easily and ensure the work was completed promptly.”

In addition to being reliable, using Megapress also meant that there was no need for welding – making installation and permissions much easier, as it removed the requirement for hot works permits. This meant the team was able to complete the installation on deadline, and allow the MOD base to keep operating as normal.

“I’m impressed with the Viega Megapress system, and the high quality installation it’s allowed us to complete. We were in and out in ample time, with the peace of mind that everything had been pressed and there would be no leaks or expensive remedial work in the near future.”

Compatible with heating and cooling systems, the Viega Megapress system is unique in its ability to cold-press thick-walled steel pipework. Utilising a special FKM profile-sealing element that encompasses the pipe, the product guarantees a leak-proof connection - even with coarse and uneven surfaces. Achieving a cleaner and safer method of connection that avoids the need for oils, heavy threading equipment or open flames, the simple to use pressing tool means that even difficult installations such as overhead pipework can be completed safely and effectively.

Object RAF St. Athan
Place Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
Year 2018
Object type Heating installation
Area of use Commercial
Installation Control & Service Technology Ltd
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