Viptool Engineering

Highest Quality Begins at the Planning Stage

As the market leader in press connection technology, Viega strives to make technical installations better and safer, more economical and easier. Therefore, the company invests a lot of time and effort in the development of its products to the highest quality. At the same time, Viega, as a leader in innovation, also looks to broadening its expertise and breaking completely new ground. This has resulted in the development of Viega’s comprehensive software solution -Viptool, with which architects, specialist planners and skilled tradesmen are optimally supported right from the planning stage.

With Viptool Engineering you can safely and reliably plan building services systems. The extensive modules support you from the design to the implementation planning. The software automatically takes into account current standards and legal requirements, thus ensuring that all important details are taken into account. All modules are also compatible with each other and have a uniform operating concept. No matter which module you are currently working in, you will find your way around right away.

ProductPrice per item

Viptool Piping, 2D + 3D - Pipe Network Calculation incl. Viptool Piping BasicApp Plus

CAD-Modul, 2D + 3D Single Line Display, Dinking Water Pipe Network Calculation



Viptool Piping, 2D + 3D - Pipe Network Calculation for AutoCAD® incl. Viptool Piping BasicApp                                 

2D + 3D Single Line Display, Dinking Water Pipe Network Calculation    



Innovative planning software, convenient calculation methods, future-oriented technology: with Viega you are always up to date. Viega software programmes prove this with up-to-date services.

Viptool Engineering Software

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