Barangaroo International Towers

The landmark Barangaroo International Towers in Sydney, Australia,  will set a new benchmark for sustainable workplace design.

Quick and safe installation of copper piping 

On the edge of world famous Sydney Harbour in Australia, three emerging high-rise towers are set to become a landmark corporate hub for the Asia-Pacific.

Sitting at 49 floors, 43 floors and 39 floors respectively, Barangaroo International Towers will also establish a new benchmark for sustainable workplace design. Developed by Lend Lease, high profile tenants such as Westpac, KPMG and PwC will move into the towers after construction is completed in 2016. All three mechanical contractors – Axis, Brown & Moodie and Sydmec – are using Viega’s innovative and super-efficient Propress press connection technology (Australian standard).

Combining high productivity and high quality

The project requires contractors to utilise the quickest, safest and most accurate method for installing vast amounts of piping. “Productivity was the main reason for the change from brazing to Viega press connection technology, as there’s a lot of time lost moving oxyacetylene bottles vertically between floors,” explains Rob Elliot, NSW State Manager for Axis Plumbing. “The project schedule is very tight, so the best thing about the Viega Propress system is that it offers fast, flexible and safe copper pipework installation.”

Smart tube connections

Viega Propress copper press fittings are being used in all three towers for potable hot/cold water, as well as mechanical services and gas services. Viega is also providing on-site technical field support and training.

“The most innovative of Viega’s products is their patented Smart Connect Feature, a leak detection safety feature,” says Rob Elliot. “The added on-site safety and the ease, speed and quality of installation are the icing on the cake.”

Brown & Moodie also express a strong confidence in the quality of Viega’s products. “The Smart Connect Feature gives us the ability to capture any unpressed joints,” explains Quentin Brown, Brown & Moodie Project Manager. “Propress also minimises the need for hot work permits and Viega provides us with top-notch technical support and training.” 

Object Barangaroo International Towers
Place Sydney, NSW, Australia
Year 2016
Object type New building
Area of use Commercial
Installation Axis Plumbing, Brown & Moodie, Sydmec
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