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Flow-​optimised multilayer and/or PE‑Xc system with press connection technology for hot/cold drinking water, rain water and reclaimed water. Fittings in acc. with AS/NZS 2537 and AS 4176.3. PE‑Xc pipe in acc. with AS/NZS 2492 and the multilayered pipe in acc. to AS 4176.2. Pressed in a matter of seconds without calibration, with all the advantages resulting out of this.

Press Connectors All sizes with SC‑Contur (Smart Connect) – connections which remain unpressed become visible when the system is filled. During leakage tests with water, Viega guarantees the identification of unpressed connections in the pressure range 100‑650 kPa. Moulded and connection pieces made of silicon bronze with PPSU support body for a connection suitable for plastic, equipped with the Viega SC‑Contur. Do to this, unpressed connections are visible when the unit is filled.
Marking Green dot on the press connection.
Pipes The plastic piping system with Raxofix multilayer pipes (dimensionally stable with oxygen seal layer) for drinking water and rain water. PE‑Xc pipes (flexible without oxygen seal layer) for hot/cold drinking water, rain water and recycled water.
By the use of black inking of the water pipes the Raxofix pipes are UV-​resistant and impervious to light. A comprehensive range of fittings for drinking water, rain water and reclaimed water fulfils the requirements of every installation and connection variation.

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    Dimensions / Material Standard sizes: d 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 made of silicon bronze (less than 0.1% lead content as an impurity).

    Area of Application
    • Hot/cold drinking water
    • Rain water
    • Reclaimed water
    Use for application areas and media other than those described here must be agreed with Viega Service Centre using the Material Inquiry form.

    Operating Conditions
    • Operating temperature max. 70°C
    • Operating pressure max. 1000 kPa
    Mixed installation independent of the direction of flow are possible. Please take the maximum working temperatures/working pressures for the respective application fields out of the technical documentation.

    Approvals and Certificates
    • Australian watermark approval No. WMK26449
    • AS 2492: 2007
    • Australian watermark approval No. WMK26474
    • AS 4176.2: 2010
    • Australian watermark approval No. WMK26476
    • AS/NZS 2537.2: 2011
    • AS 4176.3: 2010

    Use of Press Tools The functional safety of the Viega press connector systems is primarily dependent on the perfect condition of the press tools and press machines used. For this reason, the production of press connections, we recommend the use of Viega press tools and their regular inspection by authorised service points.

    Warranty Viega Raxofix fittings carry a 25 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

    Technical Data Press connectors and components are consistently being optimised. If required, the current Z and installation dimensions can be obtained from the download area of the Viega Australia homepage:

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