A new generation of pre-wall technology. Viega Prevista

Co-developed by the top industry experts. By you.

A new generation of pre-wall technology has been created following a three-year development phase marked by intensive interchange with trade professionals. It is fit for the future in every way: It combines tried and tested technology with innovations which revolutionise working procedures, and delivers future-proof solutions in relation to hygiene, flexibility, digitalisation and design.

The result is a new generation of pre-wall technology which not only saves working time and makes planning and execution more reliable, but also fulfils all current and upcoming industry requirements – including yours too, without doubt.

I am pleased to be part of the comprehensive process which identified the key design attributes to make this next generation of cisterns highly functional and straightforward to install.

Robert Hardgrove (Product Manager), Viega Pty Ltd.

The key elements of successful bathroom planning.

A time-saving installation starts with the right choices. That’s why we have radically simplified them with Viega Prevista.

The basis of the new pre-wall system is the new cistern, which is included in all applications.

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