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More than just a tool: the new Viega Pressgun generation.

Imagine being able to work not only longer and more effectively, but also even more flexibly and safely from one day to the next. With the new generation of our Viega Pressgun this is now possible. The new pressing machines support you in many situations during your daily work routine and provides relief thanks to innovative features. Discover all the benefits and see for yourself that our new Pressguns are more than just a tool.

Pressgun 6 Plus redefines its category

The Pressgun 6 Plus is more flexible than its predecessor and has an optimized handling. For example, it is six centimetres shorter and around 100 grams lighter than the Pressgun 5. And the centre of gravity is now located over the wrist making it particularly ergonomic. Furthermore, it has a higher endurance thanks to their improved battery cell technology: the new batteries have 25% more capacity while remaining the same size.

It is wireless and smartly connectable with the Viega Tool Services Lite app, meaning more safety, more control options and easier planning for you. For example, you can set the operation mode of the Pressgun 6 Plus via your smartphone and see useful information directly on the device, such as the battery status or the number of pressings.

Pressgun Picco 6 Plus offers high flexibility in narrow space

With its ergonomic, compact inline design the Pressgun Picco 6 Plus is highly flexible. It is 0.7 kg ligther than its predecessor and acts like a natural extension of your arm, making it very easy to handle, no matter if you work in a narrow aisle or a small cellar. In addition, users benefit from a newbattery system with higher endurance. The new 12 V batteries are protected in the press machine casing, are lighter than ever and serve as a base for the machine.

The Pressgiun Picco 6 Plus is smart meaning its users can connect it to their smartphone via the Viega Tool Services Lite app. Thus, they are able to see relevant information about the machine directly on their device – for example the batty level or the next servicing interval.

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