Raxofix is an innovative pressure loss-optimised plastic piping system for drinking water installations. It is characterized by vastly reduced pressure losses while simultaneously allowing improved flow, hygiene and simple assembly. Raxofix is available in sizes 16 to 63 mm.

Minimal Pressure Loss in Serial and Ring Pipes

High drinking water quality is a result of minimal stagnation, among other things. To be able to minimize this, it is recommended to assemble the pipes in loops – in serial or ring pipe systems. Viega Raxofix goes even further. Due to the low Zeta values and the impeccable flowing conditions connected with this, Raxofix ensures minimal pressure losses right up to the last extraction point. This ensures the comfort of using this is noticeably increased, the water exchange is permanently optimized and, thanks to the 16mm dimension on the floor – stagnation is reduced to a minimum.

Outstanding Dimensional Stability – High Flexibility

Dimensionally stable Raxofix pipes are multi-layered composite pipes in Fosta quality, consisting of a PE-Xc internal pipe, an aluminium layer and a PEXc external coating. Due to their strong PE-Xc internal pipe, they are very flexible and can be bent by hand to a small degree. They are extremely resistance to kinks and can withstand the highest temperatures and pressures as required by the standards governing composite pipes.

Due to their continuous flexibility, flexible Raxofix pipes made of thick plastic are mostly used when things get tight, for example, in dry construction and in pre-wall installations. They are available in sizes 16 and 20 mm.

Pre-insulated Ready to Fit – as Compatible as they are Flexible

Due to reasons of drinking water hygiene and to comply with national energy saving ordinances, Raxofix pipes are also available pre-insulated.

Crossovers from metallic systems such as Profipress or Sanpress Inox are simple to achieve. Due to crossovers, which are made to comply perfectly with one another, the freedom to choose between proven materials is not restricted by anything.

Viega Raxofix piping system for drinking water installation.

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