Viega Hygiene+ Flushing System

Intelligent flushing systems only flush when regular use is not taking place. And they only flush the volume which has stagnated in the drinking water pipe due to the interruption in use. This is exactly where the strengths of the Viega Hygiene+ flushing system lie.

Especially in public buildings with interruptions in use, such as hospitals, schools, retirement homes, care homes and hotels, the demand for such flushing systems is rising. Viega Hygiene+ guarantees intended use using decentralised, individual flushing technology, which controls the flushing process both in terms of time and volume.

Flushes as often as necessary, as little as possible

The extraction points are installed using a “looping” method for drinking water pipes, for example with dual-wall plates from fitting connection to fitting connection. At the end of the serial or ring pipe, there is an actuating panel with Viega Hygiene+ flushing function, such as the Visign for Care actuating panel and/or the Visign for More urinal ready-to-install set with infrared electronics (sensitive actuating panels of the Visign for More series on request).

The integrated control unit registers the lack of drinking water extraction and carries out the intended operation after an individually programmable period of time. A build up of bacteria due to stagnation is avoided. In addition, the flush is in accordance with the volume; that means it corresponds exclusively with the required volume of the installation section to be flushed.

Visign for Care actuating panel: Programming takes place with a magnetic key.

Visign for Care actuating panel: Programming takes place with a magnetic key.

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