Viega Raxofix - Coming Soon!

“Raxial” Pressing Technology

Viega's revolutionary Raxofix press connectors in combination with jaws are designed to axially slide the sleeve and radially compress it simultaneously.  Just one step produces completely secure, homogenous pressing suitable for PEX and multilayer pipes.  All with no O-ring and no time-consuming calibration, chamfering or expanding.

Quick Assembly

Simple and quick installation is a special strength of Raxofix, which only requires three easy steps to achieve permanent connections.

Consistent Tool Concept

The purchase of additional jaws will enable you to use Viega's pressguns across various other Viega product ranges.  Transition fittings connect different Viega fittings using the same pressing tool.

Silicon Bronze

High quality silicon bronze with less than 0.1% lead content as an impurity.