Sanpress Inox

Both stainless steel systems, Viega Sanpress Inox for water and Sanpress Inox G for gas, cover a large installation spectrum for building technology and industry.  With connectors in sizes 15 to 108 mm, both systems offer perfectly fitting solutions for your daily challengs in the most vaired of applications.

Sanpress Inox – Stainless steel system

Sanpress Inox boasts all the advantages of innovative Viega technology. The system uses reliable Viega press technology and ensures the highest degree of assembly-friendliness even in places that are hard to access. A wide product range for drinking water, gas and industrial installations offers an enormous number of possible applications. Additionally, the ready availability of the parts and their quality facilitate the punctual and professional completion of all jobs.

Pressing with safety factor

The superiority of press connecting is not only due to the fact that assembly – during which the jaws of the pressgun press the connector – is precise, durable and takes place within seconds, but also to its utter reliability. Since the pipes are cold-pressed, there is no risk of fire as is the case with welding or soldering. For this reason, Sanpress is suitable for refurbishment and extensions. As with all Viega press systems, Sanpress Inox comes with another safety feature: Viega Smart Connect Feature.

Function of Smart Connect Feature

Viega’s innovative Smart Connect Feature is a small channel on the bead of the press connector that ensures a connection leaks if unpressed. The medium used (water or inert gases) can clearly be seen to emerge and the pressure in the system drops when a central pressure test is carried out. Inadvertently unpressed connections are made visible. The Smart Connect Feature will also take the pressure off you and save you the usually laborious visual inspection of the individual connections. Incidentally: When the connector is properly pressed using a Viega Pressgun, the channel is closed and rendered ineffective. The connection is sealed and secure.

Central leakage test

Viega ensures that the watertightness of a complete installation can be centrally and conveniently tested using a manometer, as long as the installation is equipped throughout with Viega Smart Connect Feature. The central leak test thus offers even more reliability and convenience, because it eliminates the necessity of visually inspecting each individual press connection. Thanks to Smart Connect Feature, all the connectors are forced to leak. If connections are accidentally left unpressed, the medium escapes and the pressure drops on the gauge.

However, dry leakage and load testing using compressed air is also possible. It also provides hygienic advantages, as it prevents water being present in the system between the completion of the installation and its commissioning.

Sealing element and tube guide for additional safety

Every Sanpress Inox connector is equipped with a high quality sealing element. The cylindrical pipe guide stops the jamming and wedging of the pipes in the connector and effectively prevents damage to the seal. Secure seating of the fitting is guaranteed and the work is made much easier.

Guaranteed hygiene

It is especially important in drinking and industrial water systems that all components be undamaged and possible contamination of the pipes excluded. Sanpress Inox products arrive at your premises in the same condition they left our factory: clean and undamaged. All pipes are delivered with protective plugs and fittings supplied in protective bags, to exclude any possibility of contamination. In addition protective caps are available for purchase, which allows pipe ends to be covered during partial installation.

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