Geopress K Gas

Created for the energy supply of tomorrow.

Geopress K Gas ombines the advantages of an efficient press connection technology with the safety of robust and high-tensile polymer connectors. The simple, time-saving assembly and the internally sealing pressing ensure a high-tensile connection, which is essential for supply lines installed in the ground. The extensive product range and the option to work regardless of the weather make processes at the construction site considerably easier.

When it comes to underground pipelines, many factors must be considered. They need to be made of a corrosion-resistant and durable material that can withstand the high strains it will be exposed to. Cost-effectiveness is also important – not just the price of a connector but also the time it takes to install, no matter what the weather conditions.

The solution – by Viega

Geopress K gas satisfies each and every challenge posed by underground installations. The system offers the reliability of press connection technology with internal sealing that’s robust and extremely economical.

The system – versatile

The Geopress K gas system offers the highest possible safety in connection with a great variety of HDPE pipe types. HDPE-80, HDPE-100 and HDPE-100 HSRC – any pipe of the SDR class 11 – can be easily combined with Viega Geopress K gas.

Visibly pressed

The clamping ring of the Geopress K gas connectors fulfills two functions: On the one hand, it ensures a connection that is high-tensile and, on the other hand, it serves as an unmistakable marker that the connection is correctly pressed. This is because the clamping ring only becomes visible on the outside of the pipe after the pipe has been pressed, thus indicating a complete and safe pressing.

Tensile stress resistant

The approval granted to the Geopress K gas system confirms that the connection will remain tight and firm even under extreme tensile stress. The clamping ring permanently connects the pipe and connector – so that even digger shovels cannot destroy it

Optimal hydraulic design

Thanks to its optimised internal geometry, the Geopress K gas connectors, elbows and T-pieces provide optimal flow characteristics.


Reasons to Choose Geopress K Gas
  • Geopress K gas is ready for use with hydrogen.
  • The yellow clamping rings for gas that become visible are immediately recognisable as pressing labels at a single glance.  This prevents mix ups and ensures safety.
  • The internally seasling connection eliminates the need for time consuming pre-treatment of the pipes.
  • High reliability thanks to the Viega Smart Connect feature, which reliably detects inadvertently unpressed connections during a leakage test (unpressed/leakage function).
  • Each connector has a window for checking the insertion depth
  • Highly economical due to time saving press connection technology. 
  • Pretreatment of the pipes and working in any weather condition gives great flexibility.
  • Cool down time is eliminated.

Geopress K Online Catalogue

Market leading technology can be identified easily if it makes your work easier – just like the tapping valves of Viega. With 43 various outlets for three systems, they provide the highest flexibility for the job and are the ideal connection to Geopress K. The fittings are also made from high-strength polymer and are available for gas (9690G). The material ensures enormous stability and superior durability – features that are of utmost importance for underground installations.

With the tapping valve, the spot drilling of the main supply line takes only a few minutes. It is placed around the pipe like a bracket and tightly connected with the pipe using the press tool. Due to the integrated miller for PE pipes, the drilling can be carried out directly without having to use an external drilling machine. To ensure the anti-twist protection of the tapping valve, a sleeve will be inserted into the drill hole.

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