Geopress K

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to the Australian market

Geopress K.  The most reliable under ground supply lines on earth.

When it comes to underground pipelines, many factors must be considered. They need to be made of a corrosion-resistant and durable material that can withstand the high strains it will be exposed to. Cost-effectiveness is also important – not just the price of a connector but also the time it takes to install, no matter what the weather conditions.

The solution – by Viega

Geopress K satisfies each and every challenge posed by underground installations. The system offers the reliability of press connection technology with internal sealing that’s robust and extremely economical.

The system – versatile

Geopress K is compatible with all standard PE piping materials. PE-80, PE-100, PE-RC and PE-X, with SDR 11 pipe and available in sizes 25 mm to 63mm for water and 32 mm to 63 mm for gas.

Visibly pressed

The green clamping ring of the Geopress K connector fulfils two functions at once. First, it acts as a grab ring to resist tensile forces and second; it serves as an unmistakable marker that the connection is correctly pressed. This is because the green clamping ring will only become visible on the outside of the pipe if the connection was pressed completely and safely.

Tensile stress resistant

European certification of the Geopress K connector confirms that the connection will remain tight and firm even under extreme tensile stress. The clamping ring connects pipe and connector permanently, even digger shovels cannot destroy it.

Optimal hydraulic design

Thanks to its optimised internal geometry, the Geopress K connectors, elbows and T-pieces provide optimal flow characteristics.


Reasons to Choose Geopress K
  • The internal sealing connectors circumvent the problem of deep scratches and grooves on the outside of pipes.
  • The connectors are free of elastomers.
  • The green pressing marker is easy to identify and provides proof of press with only one view.
  • Each connector has a window for checking the insertion depth.
  • The Geopress K connectors are made out of high performance materials.
  • Viega’s press connecting technology enables quick installation regardless of weather conditions.